iPad Air Repair

All parts used are high quality replacement parts. I use only high quality screen replacement kits for all iPad repairs, while costing more than a Chinese aftermarket part, they are vastly superior in touch accuracy and quality. The last thing you want is to get a cheap replacement screen on your iPad, they die easily, not as responsive to touch inputs and are less relible. All other parts listed are Apple OEM replacement parts. If you are getting your iPad fixed elsewhere and you are not sure what screens are used, just ask. If the price seems too cheap it's probably a cheap knockoff replacement part, don't learn the hard way do it the right way the first time! 

iPad Air 2 Repair

iPad Air 2 Repair

Switch iPad Color from Black to White or Vice versa at no extra cost

We will change the iPad Glass Color at no extra cost including the Home Button. Please note the Gasket Color will not be changed.

iPad Home Button and Touch Screen

Home Button and Touch Screen stay at the same original flush fit level and are not recessed.

iPad Screen Flush Fit with Frame

The iPad Screen stays flush with the bezel. Please note If your frame is bent a lot, then it will not stay flush, we will try our best to make it as flush as possible by cleaning and buffing out the dented edges.

Clean and Polish the damaged frame edges

If your frame is damaged, then we will buff the frame, this will involve removing of metal from the unibody. This will make the glass flush fit with the frame.

Genuine High Quality Parts

Most repair shops are using cheap quality stickers for fixing the iPad Glass to the frame. This stickers loose their adhesive properties just within 20 days and you will start to notice Glass rising from the Frame. We use genuine High Strength iPad adhesive which will have the same adhesive property as your original iPad. 

iPad Air 2 Repair

Touch Screen Repair                          iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement                 Call for pricing                Lifetime Warranty 

LCD Screen Repair                              iPad Air 2 LCD Replacement                 Call for pricing                Lifetime Warranty

Touch + LCD Screen Repair               iPad Air 2 Touch Replacement             Call for pricing                Lifetime Warranty

Call for Quote for other repairs

iPad Air 2 Power Button Repair                  iPad Air 2 Home Button Repair                   iPad Air 2 Lightning Port Repair                 iPad Air 2 Battery Repair

Free Diagnostics

Diagnostics are absolutely free. If the iPad is not repairable there is no diagnostics charges.

Brand New High Quality Guaranteed Parts

We do not use recycled LCD and parts taken out from old iPads. We only use brand New High Quality Tested Parts which comes with the Guarantee.

Data Integrity and Data Security

All your data stays the same on your iPad and is not lost.

Peace of Mind with Guarantee

iPad Screen Repairs are guaranteed for life. Please note accidental damages like Glass Breakage will not be covered under guarantee. We will do the repair for free if any fault is found in the repair performed. Please save your receipt.

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